Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Is there light at the end of the pandemic tunnel? I'm writing this note two days after the government published its next phase of easing the lockdown but with current apparent increase in the number of infections in some areas of the country it would seem that the final lifting of restrictions scheduled for 21 June is in considerable doubt. The Society's committee is meeting in the next few days to review our programme for the remainder of 2021

One interesting aspect of the Covid-19 situation has been the increase in the use of the Zoom program for communicating and I was very pleased to arrange a presentation by Adam Pasco, journalist, author and broadcaster, in lieu of our scheduled September meeting at the village hall. It proved to be an outstanding talk about “How to Create a Garden for Every Season”  accompanied by a very illustrative slide show. A further very interesting, entertaining and informative talk entitled "Shrubs are Boring - Really? Are You Quite Sure?" was given by Nancy Stevens all the way from Glasgow! As it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to hold the Society’s meetings at the village hall until April 2021 at the earliest  Zoom presentations have been arranged for February and March as noted in the "Coming Up" section below.

2023 Programme

Friday January 27"Kent Remembered"Colin Harvey
Friday February 24
"What Does the Label Say - A Flavour of Food Labelling"Joy Hardinge
Friday March 31
Spring Show

Friday April 28
Tulip Show + "Wildflowers of Kent Downland"
Heather Silk

Saturday May 13
Plant Sale
11.00am to 1.00pm
Friday May 26
Rose Show + "All Things Nutty"
Alexander Hunt
Friday June 30
"Garden Pests and Diseases"Martin Newcombe
Saturday July 8
Summer Show

Friday July 28
Summer Supper

Friday August 25"Climate Change"Dr. Clive Nutman
Saturday September 9
Autumn Show

Friday September 29
"Guide Dogs"Justine Price

Friday October 27
AGM + Wine & Nibbles

Friday November 24
Christmas Social

Decemberno meeting

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